One in 6 people has a Sex Fetish and sex researchers estimated that there are more than 540 different paraphilias. Sploshing or Wet and messy fetishism (also known as WAM) is 1 of the common ones. Sploshing involves covering the body with wet and messy substances, usually food, for sexual gratification. Though you're correct the food are better than others for sploshing, only certain food are pleasure-inducing. Others are just a mess or even hazardous.

Chocolate sauce

Get your partner to spread some on your breast and lap it up. It contains phenylethylamine which causes your brain to release the same chemical it releases when you're in love.

Hot Sauce

This is an absolute no-no in the bedroom. Chilli sauce can burn skin and cause very unpleasant internal and external irritation for both of you! Keep it in the kitchen and make sure it stays there!


Eat this several hours before sex to sweeten the sexual fluids of you and bae's. Sharing a piece during a morning make-out can mask any less-arousing flavors too.


There are bacteria on the surface that can cause infections! We have enough amazing vibrators available that you shouldn't need a vegetable.

Coconut Oil

It can act as a natural lubricant. Slather some on his shaft. It may be the 1 food that doesn't wreak vag havoc. Don't use it with a latex condom, which could break!


If it gets into your V or on your vulva, it could cause irritation/inflammation. Keep it away from the guy too. The only orifice you put this in is the mouth


Pomegranate seeds can raise nitric oxide levels in the body, helping with girth and engorgement.

Honey contains boron that helps regulate sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, and may boost sexual arousal.

Watermelon contains citrulline that primese your nether regions for sex. 

Coffee increases dopamine levels and help stimulate bloodflow everywhere.