Website Security

Using your credit card on the Internet can pose a security risk if you are not using a secure, reputable website and up to date, well known Internet browsers. Using you credit card on the Internet is often, in fact, more safe than handing it over the counter in a shop, restaurant or bar – it cannot be imprinted or copied! Read more about Privacy Policy.


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The security of Nottiedotti client’s confidential information is of unsurpassed importance. In order to ensure that the data being transmitted between our site and you, the logged on user, is secure, Nottiedotti uses HTTPS. HTTP is the standard protocol used between an Internet client and server. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. Security will be provided through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Our site uses Comodo SSL certificate to secure online transactions for customers. Any data you submit to this website over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. Comodo is the no. 1 branded Certificate Authority in the world and a global leader in cyber security and endpoint protection! It has more than 600 000 business clients and more than 8000 partners!

SSL provides secure communication by providing the following two elements:

1. Authentication:

A digital certificate is tied to the Nottiedotti site and a Certification Authority performs a number of stringent audits to ensure the identity of the organization requesting the certificate prior to issuing it. In this way, the certificate may only be installed on the domain to which it was issued against and has been authenticated, providing users with the assurance they need; and

2. Encryption:

Encryption is the process of transforming information to make it incomprehensible to all but the intended recipient. This forms the basis of data integrity and privacy necessary for e-Commerce. Nottiedotti uses a 128 bit encryption which is the most commercial encryption you can use. Encoding software ensures that even if your credit card details were intercepted it would be impossible to decipher these.

You can always check the security status by the padlock image that appears in the bottom right of your browser screen when you are making a booking. This padlock should be closed to indicate a secure site. Be aware that not all pages are secured, only those that transfer confidential information are.

After reading this, we have to add on…Paypal handles the credit card information. Read more about Payment Options.


Most online stores use a shared IP address and they do not have SSL technology because SSL requires a dedicated IP address and it is more costly, and since they use Paypal to handle credit card payments, they don’t see the need to have SSL. is one of the sites that uses SSL despite not handling credit card information.